Habana, what a treat, the sounds, the sights, the smiles. I was born in this vibrant land and migrated like so many others at a young age, memories all but gone. As I returned for the first time, the experience was incredible, as if I had never left. But somehow I felt that I was missing the spirit of my people and that the places I was going to were not the right ones.

Upon my return, I decided that I needed to share the passion for my land with others and explore all aspects that make the Cuban culture unique. Watching Irene dance, rolling cigars with Eduardo in the middle of the Vinales Valley, learning Santeria from Lourdes in Regla, hearing the boxing stories of days gone by from Nardo, watching Edgardo create the most amazing etchings, witnessing how dreams of glory are weaved in baseball fields all over Cuba, and feeling the welcoming warmth of simple homes inspired and gave me a unique perspective of my culture.

There are so many misconceptions and preconceptions about my country, but in reality, people in Cuba are kind and will open their hearts to everyone. Every time I go, I am blessed with meeting fabulous human beings and by being able to get more and more immersed in my roots. I don’t think I could ever get tired or bored of this place.


This set of pictures is an intimate and unique exploration of the spirit of Habana and its people. You won’t find or see tourist sites, but you will feel the soul of the culture in every subject that adorns my photos.