Istanbul Destination Of Inspiration



Istanbul, it doesn’t matter what you call her: Byzantium, Constantinople or Istanbul, this millenary city is one of the world’s greatest treasures. The kindness of its people, the unruly good food, the sights, smells and the trance-inducing sounds of prayer, make you want to go back, over and over again.

One of the activities that makes this a unique experience is exploring the neighborhoods not visited by tourists, where the real Istanbul emerges. We will visit places such as Fener, Eyüp Sultan Mosque, Kuzguncuk and Kadıköy, famous for their food and fish markets where you are able to interact with residents. Here you learn to understand that the thread that makes us human is the same without the need of a common language or religion. For an artist and a human being, Istanbul is “A Destination of Inspiration.”