Iceland is my favorite place in the world, not only because of its stunning landscapes, but also because of the warmth of its people and mysticism born from the ancient Viking Sagas. Every corner of this land is blessed by nature, and it is, without a doubt, God’s Masterpiece.

The weather is unpredictable, magnificent and key in the creation of stunning imagery. Photography in this realm is about chasing the light and being able to react to nature’s whims. Sometime ago I wrote: “I love changing weather, as it shows nature’s ego” and in Iceland, that ego is bigger than the universe.

It is here where I have shot under the harshest conditions, endured endless hours of rain, been buried in deep snow, held on for my dear life in 60 mph wind, lost gear to crashing waves and felt the cold pain in my fingers while trying to release the shutter. This land requires commitment and perseverance and will not give great images easily.

It took years of research, scouting and planning to find the key locations. Shooting during the different seasons, studying the light, observing dawn, dusk and night was key in understanding what fraction of a second is going to produce that amazing image. Monitoring the sun, the moon, the stars and the magnificent Northern Lights were a few of the elements that went into the planning. This set of pictures is most definitely a work in progress, as I will continue to photograph and explore this land of fire and ice.