United States National Park



Years ago, I started visiting and scouting some of the best National Parks in the US, devoting time to develop photographic routes within each venue that were stunning and accessible.

I selected specific shooting locations within each park based on the time of year, June-July for Arches and Canyonlands (as the thunderstorms come in force and the Milky Way adorns the sky), May for Yellowstone (time of the great migrations and the perfect balance between nice weather and the occasional snowstorm) and February for Death Valley, Zion and Bryce (where the huge snowstorms blanket the parks).

I consider other factors such as phases of the moon and the beginning and end of the astronomical twilight in order to plan and execute stunning night images or astrophotography.

My mission is to create unique images of places that have been photographed millions of times. I want to shoot what no one has shot before. I rely heavily on panorama pictures where I shoot multiple vertical frames and stich them together to create images that most of the time cover 180 degrees. Although not National Parks, both Monument Valley and Antelope Pass, part of the Navajo Nation, have provided me with countless wonderful shooting opportunities.