Visions Of My World


Landscape photography has become the biggest challenge of my career. It is a monumental task to create a unique image of an iconic place that has been photographed numerous times.

Crafting great landscape imagery requires a complex creative process that involves not only technical expertise but also creating the image in my mind and putting it together in a photograph. Oftentimes, even though what is in front of me looks stunning, the right combination of subject, moment, place and light is just elusive. The mystery of light and shadows and the interplay of subjects and color are unique to a single moment. Every moment of each day is a chance for me to capture these images for eternity. It is a fun and demanding process that involves the three “P’s”: Passion and commitment to consistency in producing excellent images, Patience in waiting for the right time for the necessary elements to come together and Perseverance and discipline to always reinvent and find that new image every time.

Shooting individual vertical frames and stitching them to create a single photo produces the panorama photos in this collection, which in some instances cover 360 degrees. These are an extension of reality and a product of my imagination, as I use the camera lens as a tool to go beyond my mind’s eye at that moment to convey what I was experiencing at that time.

I am a strong believer of capturing the Eternity of the Moment and as every second is so unique and fleeting, there is only that one chance. Each one of these images reflects this mantra.

This collection is just the first chapter of a continuous pilgrimage of a soul, which searches every corner of the earth for the grandeur of Mother Nature and the ever-present hand of God in each experience. The path is long and the search endless, a worthwhile effort to create these “Visions of My World.”